"Your lecture on inflammatory foods were great. I especially liked the specific food recommendations and the "top 10" lists."
          -Syfert, PT, DPT, ATC
          Facility Manager, Athletico Physical Therapy Plainfield

"Everyone loved the food and enjoyed learning from you. The folders were chock full of information, so thank you for that too! I hope we can do something again in the future."
          -Susan Saltzman, President
          National Council for Jewish Women

"Debbie presents a concise, organized and informative seminar. Everyday examples are used to reinforce the "sweet" points. She really gets you thinking and evaluating your sweet tooth. She makes the presentation fun, exciting and even provides a treat at the end that you just can't resist."
          -Jane Leyba, Program Director
          New Beginnings, Naperville

"The opening team thought your demo was great. Thanks for sharing your expertise with our store guests."
          -Julie Mackey, Store Manager
          lululemon athletica, Naperville

"THANKS so much, it was a wonderful presentation... the moms have not stopped talking about it!"
          -KimMarie Peterson, Director
          Dance Dimensions, Bolingbrook

"This process has been enormously helpful to me - really life changing. I feel that for the first time I'm making really good choices for myself from an organic place, and how you've really supported me through the process. THANK YOU!!!"
          -Jill, New York

"I've lost 5 pounds in two weeks just by following your rule of bringing lunch to work. My clothes feel great and I've saved a lot of money. I will put it toward those pretty sandals!"
          -Amy, Chicago

"Thank you for our meeting today and the fantastic variety of options for nutrition and health. We have switched to buy these new foods and try these ideas. I just made your home made salad and dressing. Super easy to make, and it's SOOOOO good! I am so excited to be on your program and look forward to achieving all my goals through you. Thank you!!!
          -Lisa, Naperville

"Thanks for the information! The greens were great... we enjoyed them with some quinoa. Great new flavors...the grocery store tour was very helpful!"
          -Kathryn, Chicago

"Your samples were amazing. I can't wait to try making them myself... you made 2 of the perfect snacks for gluten intolerance though and didn't even know that is what I am allergic to... must have been fate that we met :) "
          -Julie, Naperville

"Terry has lost 4.5 pounds since he has been attending sessions with you over the past month. We find we are not hungry after our meals and we do not snack in the evening. I have lost 4 pounds since the beginning of this month."
          -Bonnie (wife of a client), Downers Grove

"You have changed our lives. T is eating more greens than ever. With the combination of greens and grains and adding vegetables I know we are eating healthier meals...our grandchildren took his picture eating asparagus, it was the first time they had seen it."
          -BH, Naperville

"I definitely see the benefits of working with you...the accountability has been extremely helpful and the awareness alone makes a big difference in what I eat."
          -Marni, Palo Alto

"Thanks, Deb... you take excellent notes which means that you are an excellent listener. That is a rare talent these days. Will keep working on your ideas. Thanks.
          -TJ, Glen Ellyn

"Debbie, I so appreciated your nutrition advice while I was undergoing chemo! One of the biggest changes I've made, thank to you, is drinking plenty of water (before, I was totally dehydrated.".
         -Sharon, NJ

"I am seeing that my energy level goes up and I'm more excited about my workouts when I eat less food... I don't need that much food to live."
          -Carl, Plainfield

"Before I started working with you I starved myself all day and was so hungry by mid afternoon that I would eat everything in sight. Now, after 3 months of working with you, I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have lost 20 pounds and have no more sadness in my life."
          -MS, Palo Alto

"I am loving juicing! It's filling and satisfying and gives me energy throughout the morning and my noon time workout. I really like the whole 2-week cleanse you suggested."
          -JL, Naperville

"Debbie, I wanted you and your clients to know... you are amazing. With your support I have learned to focus on nutrition and how my body feels when I fuel it properly, not just the number on the scale. I've lost 20 pounds and feel confident that I will continue to slim using principles I've learned from our work together. Most important though is my increased energy and realization that overeating is emotional... and every day I thank you for your heart and for listening that helped me on this journey. Anyone who chooses to work with you is a lucky human!! Thanks, Debbie!!!"

"I've exercised a lot in the past but never paired it with good nutrition. I know this is why I have failed. This time is different. I am now exercising daily (cardio and weights) and feel GREAT! I am eating really healthy, controlling my portions and I even cut down my coffee intake, unintentionally. I am really learning a lot these months with you."

"Thank you so much for the good news as well as for taking the time to do the research. You are terrific!
          -Terri, Plainfield

"We had a big family get-together last night and everyone noticed the 6 pounds I dropped and they were pretty impressed that I cut the soda out."
          Nora, Plainfield